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Al Anmaa Co. for Constructional Material Production operates a steel plant in Khor Al-Zubair, Basra governorate, in the south of Iraq. The plant has a potential production capacity of 435,000 tons per year of steel billets, which can easily be increased with a minimal investment, and 300,000 tons per year of construction steel rebar, made mainly from scrap steel.

The steel plant consists of a state-of-the-art electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace, a continuous billet caster, and a rolling mill. The plant is supported by an oxygen plant, a water treatment facility and a power plant. Most equipment has been supplied from reputable European companies so as to ensure the quality of our products.

Al Anmaa represents a significant potential for our investors and the local market alike. Al Anmaa is the only steel melting plant of modern design in the area, which can cope with the booming need for building materials to rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure and housing with superior materials. Also, the convenient location near the Basra seaport and the readily available supply of raw materials (scrap steel) in the country, will enable us to serve the local market with shorter lead times.