Al Anmaa Co. for Constructional Material Production is committed to preserving the environment in the community where we work. We take our responsibility to protect our employees and community seriously and so endeavor to pursue a minimal effect on the environment. We undertake to treat all waste by-products and dispose of them safely.

In our factory, we use scrap metal to produce our steel billet and rebar. Recycling local scrap metal takes less power than producing virgin steel, which in turn reduces costs and improves Al Anmaa’s competitiveness against foreign companies, but it also reduces the environmental impact of our company on the surrounding area and community through reduced energy consumption.

The electric arc furnace and ladle furnace have a dedusting unit to cool and filtrate emissions. Less than 10 µg/m3of dust is ejected into the atmosphere which is acceptable according to European standards.

The factory also treats all waste water in our own water treatment facility. Less than 16,000 ppm of dissolved salts is ejected into the sea which is less than the sea’s salination and acceptable according to European standards.